A drug derived from marijuana has become the first to win federal approval, and experts predict an avalanche effect

As you already know, Canada is all set to legalize marijuana for medical as well as recreational use this October. The state of Oklahoma is also not too far behind with its recent approval of marijuana for medical purposes.

A few weeks before these events, Epidiolex, a drug designed by GW pharmaceuticals in order to treat Epilepsy was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The important part here however is that the drug is actually derived from marijuana. Many experts believe that this is the drug that will bring forth a domino effect in the US and all across the world for the massive legalization of marijuana.


The Food and Drug Administration approved the first cannabis-derived drug on Wednesday. Called Epidiolex, the GW Pharmaceuticals drug is designed to treat two rare forms of childhood epilepsy using a marijuana compound called CBD. Experts say the approval will galvanize research into other marijuana-based drugs and unleash a sea change for the CBD industry.


Via Business Insider
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