Gambling and drugs may be the cure for Connecticut’s ailing economy

Still in doubt about the medical benefits of legalizing marijuana? Well, there’s a lot more to it than just that. After all, even if recent research by Australian scientists has shown that marijuana isn’t all that effective for treatment of chronic pain, it does have a host of other advantages.

Well, in any case, with the impending legalization of marijuana  the world over, there is one more thing to be glad about when it comes to the legalization of weed. This is the new markets that it has opened up and in fact, for Connecticut’s economy, gambling and legalization of marijuana may just be the cure that it needs.


Despite Connecticut’s deep roots in Puritanism, which generally frowned upon frivolity, the Constitution State is poised to shun its priggish past in order to boost its stagnant economy by legalizing sports betting and recreational marijuana — potentially generating hundreds of millions in much needed revenue, creating thousands of jobs and promoting tourism. But before anyone thinks about trademarking the Connecticut Yankee Sports Gambling Parlor or the Ye Olde Pot Shop, some serious legislative hurdles must be vaulted.


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