Judge Rules Against Church Seeking To Offer Marijuana As Holy Sacrament

Marijuana may have gone a long way since the days when it was perceived as a harmful drug used only by stoners, but perhaps it’s not quite that far along yet — as proven recently when a judged ruled against a “Church of Cannabis” that seeks to offer marijuana as a form of holy sacrament.

According to the church, the judge is infringing upon their reliigious freedom. Of course, according to Judge Shery Lynch, this is simply a matter of protecting the interests of the state of Indiana and not setting a wrong precedent. Apparently, permitting a religious exemption to the laws on drug use and possession would hinder statewide drug enforcement efforts.


An Indiana judge has ruled against the First Church of Cannabis, an Indianapolis church seeking to offer its members marijuana as a holy sacrament.


Via The Huffington Post
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