New York State Officials Recommend Legalizing Marijuana

If you are still in doubt as to just how widespread the movement for legalizing marijuana has become, then you can put those doubts at ease right now. As you may be well aware of, the United States is facing an opioid epidemic right now with more and more people becoming addicted to opioid substances.

Officials in New York have brought up a rather interesting alternative and of course that would be marijuana. Basically, officials in New York are now recommending the legalization of marijuana in an effort to curb the opioid epidemic. not only would it do this, but it would also be a big economic boon as long as it is regulated. Studies have shown that states with medical marijuana programs tend to have lower rates of death due to opioid overdose.


As the United States faces a devastating opioid epidemic, New York State officials have offered up one potential alternative: marijuana. In a report released Friday by the New York State Department of Health after consultations with a range of state agencies, officials laid out a case to legalize recreational marijuana sales to help curb addiction to opioids, boost tax revenue, and end racial disparities in drug enforcement.


Via Mother Jones
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