There’s a sea change coming for the $1 billion marijuana-based industry you’ve never heard of — here are some of the most popular products

If there is one thing constant in this world, it would be change. And if you have been watching the marijuana industry for quite a while, then you will be pleased to know that the cannabidol industry is all set to take off very soon. Already, many retailers are creating all sorts of cannabis based products from coffee to dog biscuits and even sleeping tonics.

With Canada already legalizing Marijuana this October and several states in the US following suit, it could only be a matter of time before the full legalization of Marijuana in the US on a federal level. From lotions to balms, you can expect marijuana to end up just about everywhere.


The compound in marijuana that’s been linked to a range of potential health benefits — but doesn’t cause a high — is increasingly popping up in everything from beverages to salves, oils, balms, and even dog treats. It’s called cannabidiol, or CBD, and it’s also the active ingredient in a prescription drug that became the first federally-approved medicine of its kind last month.


Via Business Insider
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